Science Technology And Innovation Agreements

Although there is no internationally approved official development assistance (ODA) measure for science, technology and innovation (STI), it is estimated that these funds have increased sharply since 2014. ODA has outpaced overall ODA growth since 2014, reflecting increased donor engagement in this area. ODA for least developed countries has also increased in recent years and doubled between 2016 and 2018, but to a low level. The parties encourage, develop and facilitate cooperation activities in the field of science, technology and innovation for peaceful purposes, in areas of common interest and on the basis of equality and mutual benefits. 9th Vietnam-USA The joint meeting of the Committee on Scientific and Technological Cooperation (JCM) in 2015 focused on setting up supportive environments for future scientists and young entrepreneurs, promoting networks and exchanges for S-T, and ensuring inclusion in the S-T zone during the JCM in Ho Chi-Min-Ville. Fifteen years after the signing of a U.S. agreement on Vietnam`s science and technology, the JCM included the participation of a wide range of Vietnamese interest groups and 16 U.S. universities, institutes and businesses. Dr. Geraldine Richmond, who began her term in 2015 as mekong`s Chief Scientist, also participated in the JCM and encouraged women`s commitment to science and health. This agreement does not affect the rights and obligations of a party arising from other international instruments to which it belongs. If the contracting parties wish that this agreement would apply to a non-binding agreement between them, they would refer to this agreement. In 2015 and 2016, the OES focused on improving relations and building economic stability through science, technology and innovation (STI) in Vietnam, building on the work of scientists who helped normalize and rebuild relations with Vietnam.

Canada has developed framework conditions for international cooperation in scientific and technological agreements with a number of our international partners.

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